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Self-defense and Stun Gun Safety Tips

Red Li'L Guy Stun Gun Front View

Self Defense and Stun Gun Safety Tips

Is it Legal for me to carry a Stun Gun, and what do I need to Know?

I had so many questions when I started selling non-lethal self-defense items. These are some quick answers with shared links to help you search in more detail. You can call your local and state law enforcement for state and municipal regulation for accurate information in your area.

According to “The Outdoor Magazine,” in an article about the laws, it states they are legal in most of the fifty states if you are eighteen. Still, you need to check with local and state law enforcement about proper procedures for carrying one. (The Outdoor Magazine)
If you consider having a stun gun to use for self-defense, I recommend reading this article to begin the process.

Do You Know The Stun Gun Laws in Your State? This Map Shows What You Need To Know To Stay Legal – Outdoors Magazine Laws By State 2021

How are they charged?

Basic designs charge either by plugging into a wall outlet or have a USB port.

Do they Work?

Yes, The high-pressure, low-intensity volt of usually around three milliamps passes quickly through heavy clothing and skin, disrupting the attackers’ actions.

What Happens When I Stun Someone?

Just touching someone will cause an attacker to jump back, but it takes 3 – 4 seconds of holding the charge against the attacker’s body mass to bring them to the ground,
Copy Tom Harris “How Stun Guns Work” 29 August 2001. 22 June 2021

Are Animals Affected?

Yes, although dogs need a particular lower voltage made for animals, they work the same with humans as for dogs. High amps can be lethal for small dogs. Will A Stun Gun Work On A Dog? – Taser Guide

What Voltage is Best?

Voltage is essential, but amperage is what delivers the punch. You are looking for 2-5 milliamps.

Can Stun Guns Kill?

It takes 100 milliamps for a lethal effect.

When Did They Come Out?

The stun gun didn’t emerge till around 1960 in a police riot stick.

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